About Us

Who’s Behind Customer Experience by Design?

Marsha Steed is the principal and founder of Customer Experience by Design, LLC.

As Customer Experience experts, we offer a fresh, practical, innovative approach to the customer experience puzzle. We specialize in helping companies create customer experiences that are consistent, uniquely personal, and immediately valuable at every point of service.

Our Story

Since 2005, we’ve been customer experience experts. We understood that customer value creation involved people, process and technology, but we realized there was a missing link. The overarching umbrella that touched all of these dimensions was customer experience.

At the time, customer experience was a new frontier…and we became obsessive about it.

After much research and development, we created a mapping tool to assess the social, emotional, intellectual and physical dimensions of an experience and started working with companies. Today, we help clients understand their current customer experience, identify strengths and value gaps, and provide improvement recommendations and opportunities.

When companies don’t know what their customers are experiencing, they turn to us for the truth. As customer experience practitioners, we partner with organizations to create and deliver outstanding experiences.

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