Why We’re Different

Customer Experience from a Different Perspective

We are not a large consulting firm or a mystery shopper program. We offer clients a perspective that is qualitative, experiential, emotional and action-oriented. It’s a fresh, practical, innovative approach to the customer experience puzzle.

With an outside-in approach we:

  • Partner with companies to design exceptional customer experiences that create customer promoters, drive profitability and secure long-term growth
  • Offer a 360° View Mapping Tool™ that assesses the physical, social, intellectual and emotional dimensions of customer experiences
  • Develop a strategy for designing an experience where customers feel valued, confident, engaged — even surprised
  • Create a catalyst for change

Our Points of Difference

  • Specialize in Retail, eCommerce, Medical and Travel Industry
  • Combine business + psychology + behavior
  • Address the “missing link” in experiences
  • Evaluate with our proprietary View 360° mapping tool
  • Recommend actionable strategies to transform experiences

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