Nordstrom -Your Are a Wow!

During a recent purchase over the phone of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Fragrant and Clinque Lip Gloss,   I was totally surprise with the ulimate concern of the  sales associate.  I was squeezing in a last minute purchase so that I could get the triple points bonus being offered that weekend.

The associate actually got all of the debit card details and moved the purchase forward. The next day I went to Nordstrom’s Kenwood to pick up my purchase and found it was not there. The sales associate ran down the problem and confirmed that I would have a follow up call from customer service. The next day I received a call that the shipment was coming from the Easton Store in Columbus, Ohio and that it would ship without charge.  Actually,  I felt I had purchased a product that Nordstrom was treating as a as a very expensive item. It was of more importance to them than to me.

My concern about receiving the product was much less than that of the sale associates, and the follow up and expression of professionalism was one I have never experienced in a retail setting. Everyone knows that Nordstrom is a high quality organization base on superior customer service.  This experience went beyond that and I felt that I was part of the Nordstrom’s  family……not to be forgotten and happy to tell many others about the experience.