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Arby’s Is On Their Game-Who said fast-food can’t be good?

I have been to Arby’s several times recently and I liked the new burger blend Wagyu beef hamburger. They are saying it is highest quality burger yet which got my attention. Typically, don’t eat at fast food but the experience I had along with the customer experience was high

The customer experience at Arby’s on Montgomery Road #1526 in Kenwood several has superior.  I don’t eat a lot of fast food but there new hamburger was very good.  Both time when I was at the drive through the drive through employees were very helpful, friendly and I liked the system that you wait in different spots and the employee runs out the food.  Both time very helpful but the latest “cashier” (would change that name) was Deja from unit extremely professional! Also, the other location in Evendale was solid as well had was recently updated. There ice tea is made everyday and clean….pricing a bit high however.

Staples Team Delivers

The experience I had with Staples was one of the top experiences I had recently.

During this holiday season, I ordered new business cards for my company at the Staples Kenwood, Ohio. I had called several other similiar stores and they were not able to provide service for several weeks and Kenwood turned the order around in 2 days. I had not actually been in a Staples for a long time and was surprised that the Print Department not only had good service but actually helped me with my card since I needed to add a QR code. Jhalana was not only very helpful but provided a solution. The email communication was quick as well. When I went back to get my cards they were very accommodating in making an additional edit. WOW, it was easy and pleasant. During the time, in the store I noticed a couple of other items and found Harry the Manager very helpful in recommending options. The customer experience was so positive that I ended up buying a “gamer chair” for a friend and Harry recommend me to have it put together and buy warranty(which I don’t usually do). Liz at the check out was extremely helpful and responded quickly to questions. Overall the experience was refreshing and reminded me of how retail experiences used to be….service, friendly and consultative.

Are you turning Customers into Promoters?

Do you know your current Net Promotor Score (NPS)?  Do you know that leading firms change ordinary customers into promoters that drive profitable growth?  While the NPS seems simple enough – most organizations don’t!  Most companies are still using ineffective customer satisfaction surveys to provide critical customer feedback.  The question is a simple one…..Would you recommend your company  to a friend?  As a CEO, NPS allows you to measure customer relationships continuously.  Our CED What Counts List and NPS Score  provides insight into what is important in creating sustainable growth and generating  good profits.

Who Said You Can’t Get Great Service from an Airlines-United Airlines

I recently booked a trip with UNITED AIRLINES and it was such a pleasure……..   With very short notice,   I was invited to attend a confernece in Belize and was scrabbling to find a flight out of Cincinnati.   I went the usual route of checking with my travel agent and looking on line for discsount flights.    To my surprise not only were the flights running very expensive but most had lay overs of 5-7 hours.   With an average price of $750.00 for the ticket,   I was not really excited to move forward with this expensive experience -and of course adding the $150.00 change fee(that is a negavitive WOW).  Once last hope was to contact UNITED AIRLINES since I was carrying a UNITED AIRLINES MILEAGE PLUS CARD.   I spoke with the representative and we were almost on the phone 30 minutes trying to confirm a reservation to and from Belize.   He was not only extremely helpful but was determined to make it happen for me…..I felt he was on my team!!!!!!

We finally arrived at a booking and he then said let make sure you can use the points today since they close at 8am.  He gracious held the ticket for 24  hours and connected me with the MILEAGE PLUS representative .   For some reason, I did not have a pin number for the miles and that was a must do to complete the transaction.   I was sent a link and got the created a pin number.   The following day , I booked the flight and confirmed the reservation.   I am not saying it was simple but the two agents that I spoke to were not only professional but really wanted to assist me.    I will think twice when I am offered a different card and perks from other airlines and their related credit cards!

Bright Ideas at Brighton

This is a novel idea to creat  promotors……………I was given a Brighton watch for my birthday about 7 years ago and have been wearing it every since.  Occationally  I have needed  a new battery and gone to both walmart(which can not provide) and a local jewelry store.  I was at the mall doing other shopping and went the SWATCH  Watch Kios and found that it would cost about $24.00 for a new battery.   Interestingly, I thought wow I had not been in the Brighton Store for quite some time and would stop in and see if they had batteries.   To my surprise-they actually had a battery return policy and for ONLY $2.00 they would send my watch out and replace the battery.  Appoximately in about two weeks I received a call from the store assoicate saying the watch was ready for pick up.    Of course when I returned to the store, I was intisted  to purchase another watch……What a BRIGHT IDEA!


Do You Know your Promoter Score? You need too…..

I was recently visiting a Verizon Franchise store in Blue Ash, Ohio.     My issue is that my old phone had  lost it power and I unfortunatley(again) needed to replace it.   I went down the evaluation path of choosing a new phone for my business and wanted to keep it simple and inexpensive.   I had the recommendation from the sales associate and based on the $50.00 rebate I made the purchase.   We all know that rebates are a hassel and  I processed filling the forms and include the much need purchase barcode.   Within a few weeks, I received a form letter that I did not have all the required information needed and so no rebate.    This  was another reason I do not like this rebate process and felt quite put out for wasting more of my time.

So I decide to stop into the Verizon Store in Blue Ash where I was meet with no long lines and Kevin Powell, the store manager.   He expedited the process and got support on the phone.   He saved me time but most of saved me my feeling attached to Verizon everywhere.     He solved this small problem fast with ease and had my interest  and well being in mind.  Who would of thought that visiting a Verizon Store could be about Health and Wellness.

Kevin was a defining factor in the Promter Score that I have for Verizon……..It seems small but it is big.

The Gift that Keeps On Giving-Sunglass Hut(Macy’s Kenwood)

Let’s face it ….it is hard to think  about investing in expensive sunglasses.  During some last minute holiday purchasing last year, I wandered over to the Sunglass Hut at Macys.  As any good shopper, I found myself eyeing some white  Coach Aviator Sunglasses.    The dollar amount  was typically out of my normal price range for sunglasses but I was feeling in the holiday spirit and decided to treat myself.  As I was pondering if any sunglasses were worth $130.00…..the sales associate informed me of the money back guarentee which included endless service support.   Well let just say, that was the green light for me and I plunged into the purchase feeling Ok about the investment.

So  over the last  year I have dropped(and had fixed the lens of my glasses) 7 times…..each time visiting the Sunglass Hut store at Macys.   Each time the associate was alway helpful and not only fixed the lens but adjusted them so they maintained their structure.  The most recent visit  was to Macys -Kenwood where I was greated by Joshua the new store manager.   We were quick to discuss that the Coach sunglass  model  was no longer in stock and  I shared that I could have sold them at least 10 times recently off of my head.  Joshua not only took the time to fix the lens but was very interested in making sure my last years investment was in tip top shape.   He actually took time to refit and reshape the frames and they were as good as new!

Make you investments wisesly but as far as a winning customer experience and Promoter Score….it falls into  the TOP Ten Winning Experiences.   I can’t tell you how many times I have told this story!!!!!!!!!!


Hotel Monaco-Chicago

I recently stayed at Hotel Monaco (Kimpton Hotels)  in the Chicago Loop for the weekend. There are many hotels in Chicago to choose from but this weekend stay was filled with many many surprises. Of course the location is wonderful and that goes without saying.

However, there were many unique surprises that were in store for the weekend. As we registered with the front desk, I requested a room with a view.  All of the rooms facing toward the street have window box views of the water and the loop.  We were informed that each night a happy hour with music was offered from 5pm to 7pm. The harpist was wonderful and it was a great backdrop to the two weddings being held that weekend. Our concierge was very informative and suggest we take the River Tour-A Must!.

I notice several newsworthy items in the lobby by the elevators….Running with the Chef on the Lake every Saturday morning at 7am and Bikes for free!.  Wow, these two offerings were most unique and were most enjoyable, allowing for a full Chicago Lake experience. The rooms were well decorated with many additional  comfort accessories and the the work out room was small but extremely well-equipped with towels and refrigerated water.  The restaurant offered many healthy choices….vegetarian, vegan and low fat entrees.  Since the hotel is in walking distance to the Sears Tower, Michigan Avenue, John Hancock Building and many other sites of interest, is was an experience with many levels of value.  Would promote this experience and hotel without hesitation!

Nordstrom -Your Are a Wow!

During a recent purchase over the phone of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Fragrant and Clinque Lip Gloss,   I was totally surprise with the ulimate concern of the  sales associate.  I was squeezing in a last minute purchase so that I could get the triple points bonus being offered that weekend.

The associate actually got all of the debit card details and moved the purchase forward. The next day I went to Nordstrom’s Kenwood to pick up my purchase and found it was not there. The sales associate ran down the problem and confirmed that I would have a follow up call from customer service. The next day I received a call that the shipment was coming from the Easton Store in Columbus, Ohio and that it would ship without charge.  Actually,  I felt I had purchased a product that Nordstrom was treating as a as a very expensive item. It was of more importance to them than to me.

My concern about receiving the product was much less than that of the sale associates, and the follow up and expression of professionalism was one I have never experienced in a retail setting. Everyone knows that Nordstrom is a high quality organization base on superior customer service.  This experience went beyond that and I felt that I was part of the Nordstrom’s  family……not to be forgotten and happy to tell many others about the experience.

Buying Tires Can Be Fun

As I entered the  Michel Tires Plus store, I was warmly greeted by Tom the sales associates.  After a few minutes, Tom informed me that I needed four new tires. Of course all I could think of was that this was going to be an unexpected expensive purchase. Tom was both very informative about tire options and price ,  making it easy to make a decision. However, I felt compelled to call the Toyota dealership to compare prices.

The Tires Plus  prices were very competitive and I move forward with the purchase. During the tire discussion, Tom suggested that I use the Tires Plus credit card which would defer the pain a bit. During my wait,  I was surprised that the waiting room and bathroom were newly updated and clean, making it easy to do my work while I waited. Tom knew I was on a tight schedule and he kept me very informed on the service progress, which was completed in 30 minutes. At the end of the sale, Tom informed me that one of my hubcabs was off and that he actually had one that fit my vehicle. His attention to details and and the hubcap surprise made for a easy and simple tire purchase.