Do You Know your Promoter Score? You need too…..

I was recently visiting a Verizon Franchise store in Blue Ash, Ohio.     My issue is that my old phone had  lost it power and I unfortunatley(again) needed to replace it.   I went down the evaluation path of choosing a new phone for my business and wanted to keep it simple and inexpensive.   I had the recommendation from the sales associate and based on the $50.00 rebate I made the purchase.   We all know that rebates are a hassel and  I processed filling the forms and include the much need purchase barcode.   Within a few weeks, I received a form letter that I did not have all the required information needed and so no rebate.    This  was another reason I do not like this rebate process and felt quite put out for wasting more of my time.

So I decide to stop into the Verizon Store in Blue Ash where I was meet with no long lines and Kevin Powell, the store manager.   He expedited the process and got support on the phone.   He saved me time but most of saved me my feeling attached to Verizon everywhere.     He solved this small problem fast with ease and had my interest  and well being in mind.  Who would of thought that visiting a Verizon Store could be about Health and Wellness.

Kevin was a defining factor in the Promter Score that I have for Verizon……..It seems small but it is big.