Are You Counting What Counts?

Do you know what your customer is counting?  We are in very competitive times where products and services are moving toward commodities. Now more that ever, executives need to be BOLD and really understand their current customer experience.  Every employee and every touch point can send you forward or  back, and it is too easy to focus on the traditional scorecards. New leadership is emerging now to help executives see the truth about their customer experience and it is hard work.   Beginning at the end and creating your “own” customer experience process glues customers to your brand. This is an investment that will differentiate your brand forever. Watch Chip Conley’s TED video about “Measuring What Counts.

Apple Store is a 10

I woke up one morning and my MacBook Pro was dead…nothing, black screen, no power. Luckily I have Apple’s Joint Venture, a program designed to help you improve the way your business runs. First, I called Apple’s online support for help. After trying to solve the problem over the phone, the Apple rep offered to make me an appointment at my closest Apple store. An hour later I was in the store and at the genius bar. (Joint Venture members move to the front of the line!). The genius evaluated the problem, explained to me what had happened and why, and fixed the issue. While I waited, I connected with the store’s business lead and told her how pleased I was with the service. Thirty-seven minutes later, I was out the door and back in business. Every touch point of this experience was exceptional and each person I came into contact with was obviously well trained in how to perform his/her part of the service process. This was a great experience that I now share with friends and co-workers. The Apple Store is now on our CED’s Top 10 Winning Experiences List.