Who Said You Can’t Get Great Service from an Airlines-United Airlines

I recently booked a trip with UNITED AIRLINES and it was such a pleasure……..   With very short notice,   I was invited to attend a confernece in Belize and was scrabbling to find a flight out of Cincinnati.   I went the usual route of checking with my travel agent and looking on line for discsount flights.    To my surprise not only were the flights running very expensive but most had lay overs of 5-7 hours.   With an average price of $750.00 for the ticket,   I was not really excited to move forward with this expensive experience -and of course adding the $150.00 change fee(that is a negavitive WOW).  Once last hope was to contact UNITED AIRLINES since I was carrying a UNITED AIRLINES MILEAGE PLUS CARD.   I spoke with the representative and we were almost on the phone 30 minutes trying to confirm a reservation to and from Belize.   He was not only extremely helpful but was determined to make it happen for me…..I felt he was on my team!!!!!!

We finally arrived at a booking and he then said let make sure you can use the points today since they close at 8am.  He gracious held the ticket for 24  hours and connected me with the MILEAGE PLUS representative .   For some reason, I did not have a pin number for the miles and that was a must do to complete the transaction.   I was sent a link and got the created a pin number.   The following day , I booked the flight and confirmed the reservation.   I am not saying it was simple but the two agents that I spoke to were not only professional but really wanted to assist me.    I will think twice when I am offered a different card and perks from other airlines and their related credit cards!