Arby’s Is On Their Game-Who said fast-food can’t be good?

I have been to Arby’s several times recently and I liked the new burger blend Wagyu beef hamburger. They are saying it is highest quality burger yet which got my attention. Typically, don’t eat at fast food but the experience I had along with the customer experience was high

The customer experience at Arby’s on Montgomery Road #1526 in Kenwood several has superior.  I don’t eat a lot of fast food but there new hamburger was very good.  Both time when I was at the drive through the drive through employees were very helpful, friendly and I liked the system that you wait in different spots and the employee runs out the food.  Both time very helpful but the latest “cashier” (would change that name) was Deja from unit extremely professional! Also, the other location in Evendale was solid as well had was recently updated. There ice tea is made everyday and clean….pricing a bit high however.

Buying Tires Can Be Fun

As I entered the  Michel Tires Plus store, I was warmly greeted by Tom the sales associates.  After a few minutes, Tom informed me that I needed four new tires. Of course all I could think of was that this was going to be an unexpected expensive purchase. Tom was both very informative about tire options and price ,  making it easy to make a decision. However, I felt compelled to call the Toyota dealership to compare prices.

The Tires Plus  prices were very competitive and I move forward with the purchase. During the tire discussion, Tom suggested that I use the Tires Plus credit card which would defer the pain a bit. During my wait,  I was surprised that the waiting room and bathroom were newly updated and clean, making it easy to do my work while I waited. Tom knew I was on a tight schedule and he kept me very informed on the service progress, which was completed in 30 minutes. At the end of the sale, Tom informed me that one of my hubcabs was off and that he actually had one that fit my vehicle. His attention to details and and the hubcap surprise made for a easy and simple tire purchase.